On the Verge: the Arrow of Time, seven

Of all of the covers that I’ve done for these chapters, this is probably one of my favourites! Anyway, below is the chapter and be sure to click on a thumbnail to read.

I’ve always felt that this chapter was really where things started to get moving. Hannah’s ready to get involved in all of this weird science that’s happening, so Lucas takes her into the field – where she promptly does exactly what he says not to. I also managed to squeeze in two character bits in here:

  • We meet Andi Anderson in person. At this point in developing the story, I realised that it would be an ideal time for Lucas to actually run into her and we could see that they have a bit of a history. I also loved dropping hints at things that have happened but not really explaining them. I wonder if I’ll ever go back and tell those stories?
  • I also got to introduce Michael Conklin. He’s a bit of a supporting character in this story but he is integral to the overall story of Edge Inc. and Lucas (they were partners at the FBI). I had ideas about expanding his role and developed a whole story just about him to kind of feel out his character.

In general, this was a pretty fun chapter to do. We finally got some action happening after what seemed like a lot of talking heads, plus we end with Jeremy!

Next week, more fun as this whole thing keep rolling. Thanks for reading!

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