On the Verge: the Arrow of Time, two

Above is the next cover and here is the full chapter… enjoy! Again, click on the thumbnail for a larger image to read.

Ok, so looking back, this chapter was kind of where I started to figure out just who and what this story was about. I knew what happened at the end of the story, but I had no idea exactly how to start that off.

Anyone who has been following this project for awhile may have heard me talk about my “29 Day Comic Project” and that was the original “project” to create this series of pages. My goal with the #29DCP was to (A) draw every day, and (B) create a story from scratch on Day 1. So that’s what I did… and it wasn’t until about Day 20 or so that I realized that I created a great opening for THE ARROW OF TIME.

The question then was what to do. I had the Prologue mapped out (and you would have read that last week) and I’d already done what is now Chapter 3 (which you’ll see in a couple of weeks). So I debated about how to fit this block of story in. At first I thought about doing a separate book (but quickly tossed that idea as impractical) before finally settling on the fact that I was going to have to include everything together. So I set about completely redrawing the whole chapter, adding colour and tweaking the copy.

The goal with this chapter is really to build on what happened in the Prologue, start really adding in some “weird science” and to focus in on some of the various characters that will play a big role in what’s to come. I established Jeremy and Hannah in the Prologue, so it was fun to jump to different characters (and I think all those Game of Thrones books helped me figure out how to do that!).

Anyway, my goal for the story was to create a “sci-fi thriller” and that meant really trying to build up some mystery and I feel like this chapter really did that.

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