On the Verge – the Butterman

If you’ve been following along but haven’t had a chance to sit down and read the Butterman, here’s your chance…

otv-thebutterman-coverotv-thebutterman-pg01otv-thebutterman-pg02 otv-thebutterman-pg03 otv-thebutterman-pg04 otv-thebutterman-pg05 otv-thebutterman-pg06 otv-thebutterman-pg07 otv-thebutterman-pg08otv-thebutterman-pg09-10(For a larger view of this spread, click the image.)

otv-thebutterman-pg11 otv-thebutterman-pg12 otv-thebutterman-pg13

Source: On the Verge

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