When I started this project, I had one main story in mind… I sat down and started writing and drawing, developing characters and their backstories and suddenly the world was growing much larger than I thought it would. I had so much different material that I decided to just go ahead, use it all. I published the stories that I had but knew that I’d have to figure it out later.

Flash forward three years and this whole ON THE VERGE PROJECT has grown considerably and consists of work in a variety of formats from standard comics, to newspaper and magazine articles and an illustrated short story. Over the course of working on this project, I have experimented with different ways of telling the stories with the hope that it can create a unique reading experience and if you have been following along from the very beginning or you’re new to the story, my hope is that this page will help orient you in the world of On the Verge.

Because there is so much material, what started out as a simple project to write and illustrate a graphic novel has expanded to be two books:

Book 1. The original long-form graphic novel that I aimed to produce when I started this project, and
Book 2. A collected edition for all the other shorter stories and articles that get produced and posted over the course of the project.


(currently posting)
In a world of mystery, the truth as they say, is out there. Welcome to the world of Edge Inc. Founded by billionaire internet mogul Agnosto Mercury, after his self declared “abduction by aliens,” Edge is the world’s preeminent investigator of supernatural phenomena. Immersed in this strangeness for just a few months is Hannah Fox, a bright rookie researcher just getting adjusted to life at Edge. But when Jeremy, one of Edge’s leading minds goes missing, rookie researcher Hannah must put the shock of this aside and team up with his longtime collaborator Lucas on their new case. Surprisingly, the more they learn, the more the case somehow twists its way back to Jeremy’s disappearance. It’s a race against time to find out what’s really going on, who’s behind it all and just what’s happened to Jeremy. Welcome to the strange new world of On the Verge, where science meets science fiction. For more, click here.


This book will collect all the shorter On the Verge stories and articles. Here’s what’s been published so far:

SHADOWS (16 pages)
THE JUMPER (32 pages)
THE INTERVIEW (16 pages)
MISSING (newspaper article)
LIFE ON THE EDGE (WEIRD magazine article)
SWARM (illustrated short story)

For any longtime readers you may note that there are a couple of stories that have been published over the first three years of this project that aren’t listed above (specifically GONE, CODA and THE NIGHTLY SHOW INTERVIEW). These have been assimilated into the Book 1 storyline and have been published with the new pages.

*NOTE: As more stories are published, this page will be update.