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When an Incident happens, it’s up to Edge’s premier field agent Lucas Wilde to get on the scene facts and insights. THE JUMPER follows Wilde into the vast Sonoran Desert as he investigates the sudden appearance of a mysterious man. Just where did he come from?

OTV-theJumper-Cover  OTV-theJumper-PT2-Cover-1  OTV-theJumper-PT2-Cover-2  OTV-theJumperCover
Above from left-to-right: the original cover published with Part 1, two variant covers published with Part 2 and a new cover that is yet-to-be-published.


THE JUMPER was originally posted in two parts: Part 1 from May 2011-April 2012 and then Part 2 from November 2012-April 2013. The idea for the story started when I realized that I needed to work out some story and character ideas and I decided to do this through writing short stories before I jumped into the longer On the Verge graphic novel that I started out this project to create. I also was trying to figure out what the best thing to post on a regular basis was. I knew I needed to keep a regular schedule and I wasn’t entirely sure that a page-a-week was doable at this point. So after some thinking, I started to wonder if I couldn’t chop the pages up into three “comic strips” per page and post a “strip” per week and the total story was posted in 47 installments of “weekly strips”.

The artwork started to evolve with this storyline as well. With Part 1, I added in ink washes on top of the basic inkwork that I usually do to try to cut down on the amount of digital colouring that I was doing. This then lead to a simplified Photoshop process where I really only added in some texture and flares on top of the inks. For Part 2, the story required that both the style and layout of the art change. I detailed the various aspects of the page layout and design, typography and lettering, drawing style, colouring and writing.

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