The Arrow of Time


This is the story that I originally set out to write and illustrate back when I started this project. The first chapter published was developed as a “Chapter Zero”. That then turned into Chapter 1 and was originally published February 1, 2011, followed a year later (after several other stories were published) with The Interlude. After another solid break and a year of other stories being published, we have returned to this story and started over at the very beginning. New pages began posting on April 16, 2013 and they are currently being posted.

20110125-OnTheVerge-Cover  OTV-TheBeginning-cover1  OTV-theBeginning  OnTheVerge-Book1-Cover
Above, from left-to-right: the original cover (published Fubruary 1, 2011), the cover to ON THE VERGE: THE BEGINNING (the original print edition), the cover to THE BEGINNING (new print edition yet to be released) and the newest cover (published April 16, 2013).











CHAPTER 10 (currently posting)

NOTE: This page will be updated as new chapters are completed.

This is the story that I set out to write when I started this whole “On the Verge Project” back in October of 2010. I originally started to publish pages in February 2011 and posted all of “Chapter Zero” before quickly deciding to put things on hold while I figured out what my process was for “how to actually make a comic” and publish it. I resumed publishing pages several months later with “the Interlude”. Despite a couple of starts and stops since then, this story has remained relatively unchanged since I first plotted it out in the fall of 2010.

Most of the edits to the story have been made to the early chapters as I’ve added in more layers of detail to the story. After reworking of the “Prologue” in early 2013, we resumed publication at the very beginning of the story (again) in April 2013 and have been publishing at least one page a week since then.

Below are some notes on the early chapters.

The Prologue
I had always intended for this story to have a Prologue but only in the final printed edition of the book. When I decided to basically start over I figured that it seemed like a good idea to actually start at the very beginning since the Prologue could really set up the “world” of On the Verge.

The initial published version contained several parts that were developed separately. Pages 6-7 were originally published on this site as CODA. As well, I incorporated the Nightly Show interview that was published on the blog as well as included in THE BEGINNING.

Edits to the Prologue were made again and posted in one batch on September 9, 2014. For more information about these edits, please check out the extensive post here.

Chapter 1
This chapter was originally developed as part of my 29 Day Comic Project where the idea was write and draw a page-a-day in February 2012. I started with no story and no idea what I was going to do but about halfway through I realized that (A) I wasn’t going to completely finish off the story and would need to do a part two, and (B) that I was writing and drawing a really good opening for my larger On the Verge story. I successfully completed the full project and published the 28 pages and cover in March 2012 as the story GONE (part one).

To include the story as Chapter 1 in this book, I edited and re-illustrated each page, as well as added colour. Several of the pages have been completely reworked. If you’re curious and want to read more, check out this post about the overall thinking behind the process.

Chapter 2
The chapter was developed as GONE (part two) and was written and illustrated as a page-a-day (just like part one was) and was published in September 2012. As with Chapter 1, this chapter was completely reworked. Several new pages have been added (specifically pages 64-69) in the process of re-illustrating and editing the chapter as well as changing the pages over from black & white to colour.

Chapter 3
This is the original chapter that I started this project off with. Originally developed as Chapter Zero, it was first published in February-April 2011 as Chapter 1 and published a second time in April 2012 with completely recoloured pages, followed by the 6 page “Interlude”. Its publication here as Chapter 3 includes some minor edits to the copy and the overall timeline for continuity with the other chapters. A (hopefully) final update was made in September 2014, where I rearranged the initial Interlude section and the Daily Recorder story.