“Super Sara” commission

As part of the ANDREW JACKSON IN SPACE Kickstarter that ran last year to support the development of the first issue, I did several commissioned illustrations which I’ve been meaning to post. I asked what people wanted for their commission and said I’d draw whatever they had in mind…

Several years ago I did a bunch of drawings for some friends and family members, turning them into superheroes. Anyway, I stopped doing them for a bit but for one of the ANDREW JACKSON commissions, I got the request to do another one. I’ve always enjoyed these and it was fun to try and tie a little bit about Sara* into her drawing.

Even when working on a relatively simple commission, I thought this was a good opportunity to really try some things out and see how they work. So for this commission I utilized some simple ink washes, white paint (both with a brush and splattered) and a couple of different tools for inking. All in all, I like the end result and I really like the textures that I was able to get in the hair.

*Sara also got drawn into the first issue of ANDREW JACKSON IN SPACE. Now that you’ve seen the commission, go see if you can spot her!

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