the ANDREW JACKSON IN SPACE #1 custom cover

As part of the ANDREW JACKSON IN SPACE Kickstarter that ran last year to support the development of the first issue, I did several commissioned illustrations which I’ve been meaning to post. In this case, I needed to do a custom black & white cover. So I asked what the person had in mind and said I’d draw whatever they wanted…

As I wrap up On the Verge, I’m getting excited to start work on some new stuff, starting with ANDREW JACKSON IN SPACE #2. So as I get back in to the swing of all things Andrew Jackson, I figured it was time to actually share this one with you guys.

Anyway, after a quick email exchange, I had three options:

  1. Reworking the panel after Jackson shoots the cuffs off of Elida Bel-Ior, where she is stepping on a guards head and Jackson has his gun out and she asks “Wanna tell me what the Hell you’re doing?” and he answers “Staging a daring escape, My dear “.
  2. A straight up, cock-sure Jackson pose.
  3. Elida with a gun on Jackson and him looking bewildered.

So options are good and I started noodling it over a bit and doodling out some ideas. I wasn’t too keen on reworking the first option and reworking one of the panels because I kind of liked the way I drew it in the book and wasn’t too sure I could do much better, but option 2 and 3 were things I work with. At the end of this process, I sent four sketches back to choose from: a cocky Jackson, Jackson on a pile of robots looking badass, Jackson looking cool holding a smoking gun and Jackson/Elida option (which I really liked). Below are the sketches that I sent.

I still like some of the ones that I didn’t use. I may have to draw some of these…

Luckily for me, they selected the last sketch and I was able to get to work. Below are progress shots: roughing out the drawing, the pencil drawing and the ink work in progress. Once the inking was completed, I scanned the art in, cleaned it up and added in some ink washes. The final art is at the top of this post.


I’ll just say that I really do like that this concept was selected because I think it really does capture the relationship (as presented in the first issue) pretty well. I really like the way they’re both looking out of the corner of their eyes at one another. Jackson, even though he’s standing still, has a lot of swagger and Elida looks tense like she’s expecting something to happen. I think the “acting” in the drawing is pretty spot on.

My final thought is that I’m super happy with how this one came together. It’s probably the best piece of Andrew Jackson art that I’ve done to date and not too many people have seen it (which is nuts!). Now I just need to channel the same feeling in to the new issue…


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