The Co-operators brand ad – September 2016 – Taking Care of What Matters

I haven’t been too good lately at posting work as I’ve completed it. But a couple of weeks ago, a project that I’ve spent the last 10 months or so working on finally launched and I definitely want to share it.

On September 12th, The Co-operators launched their new animated TV commercial.

I’ve been involved with past TV campaigns for The Co-operators, but this time around I was the project lead, which meant I was involved with everything from the get go including: leading the initial brainstorming sessions, putting together the script treatments to pitch concepts, working with our script writers on the script, storyboarding the commercial, researching different types of animation that we could use, working with the animation company (once we’d selected it) to develop the spot (from concept through to the final animation), voice over, sound and music and then getting everything put together into a final mix.

I honestly couldn’t have done it all without the support of my manager and director who were awesome to work with throughout the whole process. I learned a lot from them and they were super supportive and helpful. Plus everyone on our Creative Services team and Rob Turner from Circle Productions were a part of everything. And finally, nothing would have happened without Gentleman Scholar who did the animation based on our script and storyboards and it looks great.

This was something completely new for me which was exciting and I’m looking forward to more opportunities to work on new spots. Before I decided on  taking illustration in college, I seriously considered animation. So it was fun to work on an animated spot and see how things evolved through the whole process. Plus it’s been cool to actually see the commercial on TV now that it’s done

Anyway, here’s the final spot.

And The Co-operators is running a lot of different parts to this campaign – one of which is asking people to help name the characters that are in the spot. You can check out that contest via Facebook here.

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