WIP! Part 3: Colour tests continue

I’ve already posted two posts about the development work that I’ve been doing for Last Chance: Dead or Alive. We continue here…

Ok, to keep things short, my colour experimentation that was in the last post really did work. Here’s the process of how the final piece came together:

STEP 1: initial inks…

STEP 2: I’d already added in the flat colours, but since I’d changed a lot of them through the colour experiments, I went ahead and updated…

STEP 3: add in paper texture as well as some highlights, shadows and clouds.

STEP 4: here I begin to adjust the colour and add in paint textures. It’s starting to look more like an align world.

STEP 5: More adjustments to the colours and I added in the glow effects on the suns.

FINAL COLOURS: here’s one of my favourite things to see – the colours without the final inks.


So all in all, I’m pretty happy with how this has turned out. I think it’s a good balance between the desatured colours that I had in mind and something more “alien”. We’ll see how this goes with the next batch of illustrations that I’ll end up colouring. Hopefully I can build on this one and keep refining it.

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